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Oub bunsreykeo

Out-Patient Department ManagerOub bunsreykeo

Describe Career Background

My name is Oub bunsreykeo. I’m 27 years old. I graduated in 2014 form Battambang Regional Training Center of Being a Nurse. I studied associated degree at Nursing school in 2012 -2014. I had training at Siem Reap Referral Hospital, AHC, Somraong referral Hospital at Odor Meanchey, Friendship Cambodia Japan Hospital (Mongkolbory), Pursat Referral Hospital and Battambang Referral Hospital based on programs at school. With these training programs, I have got many experiences from many patients and many leaders from each Hospital.

Why do you choose Sunrise Japan hospital?

Before I joined Sunrise Japan Hospital, I graduated then I started looking for a job. That’s very difficult for newly graduated to find a good job with good pay. Fortunately, I got information about Sunrise on the Facebook page It was very great to me and I don’t want to lose this good time.
In my expectation from Sunrise is standard working with modern technology. Other is going to see Japan country.

What do you think about Sunrise Japan hospital?

After I become a member of the sunrise is also the first time for me to go outside the country. It was very great; it was very surprising about hospitality in Japan with the modern technology standard of treatment and high quality of treatment. I have got many new things and many learn from sunrise Japan hospital. It was very different from previous training places. All about these are the reason that I’ve chosen Sunrise Japan Hospital and my mind is correct to work at the Sunrise Japan hospital.
After came back from Japan Sunrise already prepare to open, I feel like I still working in Japan because the environment is very same, also the standard of treatment and technology is modern same as in Japan. And I try to provide nursing care service to patients the same as in Japan as well.
I am about working for 3years, from year to year my goal is how to provided real Japanese standards to my beloved Cambodian peoples. Still some patients are the knowledge of taking care of their family is not enough and I want to provide this education. Now we are providing Nurse consult about lifestyle change at sunrise and we want to provide to patents more and more. Still, some patients going to other countries to get treatment, but we can come and check at Sunrise Japan Hospital is also the best

Out-Patient Department Lobby

What is your hobby?

My hobby is I like to listen to music and like to go to the gym after work, even though the working condition is very busy but healthy also important. I like to go shopping for a play sport to make fun of.

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