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RA Davy

Neurosurgical DoctorRA Davy

Career Background

It was in the 3rd quarter of 2012 when I graduated from International University- Faculty of Medicine. Way back after finishing my studies, I ventured to join an NGO where I initially practice my profession as a medical professional. Amidst all, I heard about the opening of Sunrise Japan Hospital. I tried to apply and fortunately, I got in.

since then everything followed, I have been a Resident doctor here in Sunrise since the opening. I am currently working in the Neurology and Neurosurgical Department.

Why choose Sunrise Japan Hospital?

I'm a proud Cambodian graduate of Medicine year 2012, since then I have been practicing my profession as a medical doctor for 2 years with an NGO. Way back before, I heard that a Japanese company is planning to establish a Japanese Hospital here in the city of Phnom Pehn. It was my dream to work with Japanese people and to acquire their standards.

In 2015, that dream of mine came true and now I can say that I am happy to make that choice of joining Sunrise Japan Hospital.

What do you think about Sunrise japan hospital?

Here at Sunrise Japan Hospital, all employees try to inspire each other to be better. We have the same goals in providing patient-centered care. The environment is kept clean 7 tidies at all time. The facility is one of it's kind in the country. I believe if we keep growing together, we will achieve the goal to be one of the most reliable hospitals.

Detail of the job and rewarding experience?

Now a day, I belong to the neurosurgical department, many kinds of the patient that need to do emergency surgery, especially the patient have bled the brain.
I am so happy that I can have a chance to work at Sunrise Japan Hospital.

RA Davy

What is your hobby?

I like reading different genres of books, sometimes I go fishing because it's relaxing, and I also get involved in the advocacy of protecting nature.

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