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Warehouse & ProcurementPANG Vira

Career Background

I graduated BBA in 2011 at Asia Euro University with a major in Business Administration.
I used to work in some different working environments in previous times before joining Sunrise: Hotel – Casino – Garment factory, Laboratory before joining Sunrise Japan hospital.

Why choose Sunrise Japan Hospital?

I choose Sunrise Japan Hospital because I think that working with Japan culture will follow all labor laws and human rights. When I saw job recruitment than I notice many descriptions point that is very interested and expect to make me improve my ability and skill. I expect that Sunrise Japan Hospital will become the first and biggest standard hospital in Cambodia and can save many Cambodian people and decrease of abroad health care service.

What do you think about Sunrise Japan Hospital?

After I join Sunrise 3 year already what I expect before becoming true step by step. We work to follow the Cambodia Labor law and follow all Cambodia law. “Say no to corruption even small amount”.
We have got many education programs and improve our knowledge gradually. A comparison of my ability is better so much than before as my notice.
Within this year I would like to achieve some target in my department to supply well of all kindly medical material & consumable to make smooth of hospital operation. And we set next year's goal as well and we hope and will try to as much as possible to achieve it.

Detail of the job and rewarding experience

In free I am always talking with other staff in the hospital about the current situation in our hospital and some other topic related to medical knowledge to improve some ability of medical skills. And after leave work or day off I always like to play or watching football/volleyball because these are my favorite sport since I was young.

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