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Ambulance CrewSok Kagna

Describe Career Background

I am Sok Kagna. I live in Phnom Penh. I’m an ambulance crew. I have 20 years’ experience in driving. I was a sales manager at Dister. then I worked with Kitahara-hospital. last, I join sunrise healthcare service as an ambulance crew.

Why do you choose Sunrise Japan hospital?

The reason I want to work at Sunrise japan hospital because the hospital is popular so I want to work as a staff. It is good to job that why I want to work at the sunrise japan hospital. As my expectation, Sunrise japan hospital is a standard hospital that follows the model from japan hospital. Sunrise japan hospital can compare to the aboard hospital.

What do you think about Sunrise Japan hospital?

It is a new experience for me for the first time working with medical staff. I’m really honest about work and trust for this work for sunrise japan hospital. We are not only working as an ambulance crew we also have another task for sunrise japan hospital.
For my goal, I would lead my ambulance crew by creating a new task for them. Take care of the patient more safety on the ambulance car, Gain patient and family trusting on ambulance crew for sunrise japan hospital. Reaching more medical task in the hospital mostly support with medical staff nurses.

What is your hobby?

In the free time, I plan for an updated scheduled list for my ambulance team, clean and checking ambulance cars inside and outside every day. I also like to learn new English medical words and read online newspapers.

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