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We want to be a hospital which continues to be
regarded as the "world's most trusted hospital."

We pursue research every day in pursuit of ideal medical care, and have a sense of responsibility and pride as the forefront of medical care.
In addition to introducing advanced equipment and technologies from Japan,
we will provide detailed explanations and provide medical care close to patients and their families.
By contributing to the development of Cambodia's medical infrastructure, we will contribute to the healthy life of all people living in Cambodia.

Our Hospital

Our Work
We believe that the most important element in medical care is the "Heart".
We aim to deliver Japanese medical care to all people living in Cambodia.

Our Staffs
Japanese doctors,nurses and other healthcare professionals work closely with well-trained Cambodian medical staff to provide high quality medical services.

Ideal candidates
In response to the ever-increasing needs of patients, we have started recruiting staff in order for Japanese staff and Cambodian staff to work together to provide high quality medical services.
We look forward to hearing from people who are passionate about moving a new Japanese hospital with us.


Hear from our Staff

I have worked as clinical pharmacist at Sunrise Japan Hospital (SJH) , who I was assigned to be deputy manager of pharmacy.

My educational background is from Radiological Technology. I was offered a job opportunity as RT with HOPE hospital since I was studying in 2010.

I worked at Neurology and Neurosurgical department . I was a neurosurgical residency , working at Sunrise Japan Hospital since 03/2016.

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