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No Sim

Customer Service ChiefNo Sim

Describe Career Background

I studied Major at University major “Management" only two years. For my working experience. In 2014 Work for Japanese Interpreter and Manager at KS's Dental Clinic at AEON Mall. In 2015 work for Sale Director Assistant. In 2016 January until now work at Sunrise Japan Hospital as you knew.

Why do you choose Sunrise Japan hospital?

Once I heard about Japan is quality, I decided to join sunrise because I think that I could improve my skills by absorbing Japanese knowledge with modern technology. Of course, it is a huge difference between Cambodia and Japan including knowledge, lifestyle, culture, language. Etc. I am realized that I gain a lot of new things besides laboratory skills, I am able to understand sterile work which is very important in hospitals especially for operation procedures also other physical examinations like general ultrasound, ECG, ABI, hearing, vision, EEG. etc.

What do you think about Sunrise Japan hospital?

After I join, I am a translator before the hospital opening. The service will be a standard as I hope before joint here. It can provide a high quality of service to the patient. It can continue to keep motivation for all staff. Some rules and the way of working is quite a difference for Cambodia people.
I want to be a reliable leader in the customer service team and make my team improve on English medical words and some medical knowledge. I will control the daily sales report by myself and can process insurance patients more smoothly.

What is your hobby?

I need a comfortable environment for relaxation. I play with my family my son and daughter.

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