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Keng Chanveasna

Physical Therapist managerKENG Chanveasna

Career Background

Before my employment here in Sunrise Japan Hospital, I have been working in various NGO's for five years. Community-Based healthcare targeting children with central nervous disease. I heard that there will be a Japanese hospital which will open in Phnom Penh. I tried to apply, that time they are hiring for Physical therapist who is willing to have training in Japan. I was triumphant because I got in.

To fast things forward now is the time for me to train the next generation and share my experiences which I gained from my training. I continue working here in Sunrise Japan Hospital leading the team to go forward as I was appointed to be the Rehabilitation Manager.

Why choose Sunrise Japan Hospital?

As far as I can remember, it was the time when I seeking an opportunity in improving my skills. I was with an NGO when I heard about Sunrise Japan Hospital, It caught my attention, it is my ideal workplace the place I am aiming to work for. I was thinking that I can learn and expand my capacity to become a better Physical Therapist.

Here we work as a team, we support each other, we make our environment suitable for working, and we follow a systematic process in taking care of patients. I am happy that I landed this job, the company also takes care of their staff so now I feel and confident that my future is secured.

What do you think about Sunrise Japan Hospital?

Sunrise Japan Hospital one of the hospitals that care not only their patients but the staff as well. The company's infrastructure is maintained, environment cleanliness is keeping observe in all areas, the employees ' performances are impressive and they are attentive.

Detail of the job  and rewarding experience

I am thrilled to say that I am proud of myself to be part of Sunrise Japan Hospital. This place is diversified, working with the Japanese let me learn not only about work but at the same time their culture. The supervisors give support and help until they can work independently. I have gained my confidence to practice my profession fully.

KENG Chanveasna

What is your hobby?

When I am off from work, I can say that I maintain to have a social life outside work. I tried to be a good husband to my wife through helping her with house choirs. If not, usually you can find me playing football with my friends. Simple living makes me happy and contented.

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