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Based on the philosophy of "Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh", we introduce our staffs who are active to create better services. Please look at our corporate culture and how to work, through our staff's message.

Career Background

I am LONG Serey Roth, I graduated associate degree in medical laboratory UHS in 2012 and a bachelor's degree in International Relations, the University of Cambodia in 2015. During the study I worked for a private medical laboratory (1 year) after graduated I passed the exam at Pasteur Institute and become full-time staff (2012-2015) which mainly focusing on research (Wildlife Conservation Society). From early 2015, I passed the interview at Sunrise Japan Hospital. I got training in Japan for 1 year for advanced medical laboratory and sterile. Until now I am a laboratory manager in Sunrise Japan Hospital

Why choose Sunrise Japan Hospital?

Once I heard about Japan is quality, I decided to join sunrise because I think that I could improve my skills by absorbing Japanese knowledge with modern technology. Of course, it is a huge difference between Cambodia and Japan including knowledge, lifestyle, culture, language. Etc. I am realized that I gain a lot of new things besides laboratory skills, I am able to understand sterile work which is very important in hospitals especially for operation procedures also other physical examinations like general ultrasound, ECG, ABI, hearing, vision, EEG. etc.

What do you think about Sunrise Japan Hospital?

I do enjoy working for sunrise with my fun co-worker. As I am a medical laboratory, the quote in mind is to provide fast, accurate and reliable results for our patients and Dr.

What is your hobby?

I like to sing a song, it always makes me fun. My favorite hobby is shopping

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