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Lun Sineng

Pediatric NurseLun Sineng

Career Background

My name is Lun Sineng, a pediatric nurse at Sunrise Japan Hospital since 2016. Before the Pediatric department opened, I used to work in the ER and ICU. Last quarter of 2017, the plan for opening the Pediatric department came. I was one of the fortunate staff to be chosen and be part of the team.

Why choose Sunrise Japan Hospital?

Right after graduation in 2016, I did a series of job hunting in all hospitals in the city. I was fortunate enough to get hired by Sunrise Japan Hospital immediately. I was so interested in the idea of working in a Japanese standard hospital. In my mind, I told my self it would be a good place to improve my knowledge and gain the work experience.

What do you think about Sunrise Japan Hospital?

I think Sunrise Japan Hospital is the best hospital as I know because it is a nice environment, good service, and encourage staff and always have lectures every week to improve the skill
The hospital always takes care of staff condition and family of staff health.

Detail of the job and rewarding experience

After I worked for 3 years at the hospital I can the improvement of nursing skill and nursing care, I learn many things from japan culture, about the technique of taking care patients during hospitalization, education to patients how to prevent and take care their health, and about the staff easy to communicate, friendly and respect each other.

Working at Japan hospital, I can learn many new things besides the nursing skill I'm too happy and proud to be a part of Sunrise Japan Hospital.

Lun Sineng

What is your hobby?

I often go to see the movie, shopping, drinking coffee with my friend and talking and go to the province.

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