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Ly Sita

Deputy Manager of Pharmacy Ly Sita

Career Background

On 2014, I completed my Diploma on Pharmacy at University of Health and Science, being multilingual and having French as my second language, I decided to pursue my Master's Degree in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Science at Toulouse University Paul Sabatier III in France on 2016. After finishing school, I took various internship programs as a pharmacist. This internship programs, especially in the private sector, helped me to acquire professional experiences. Aside from the internships, I also volunteered as a Healthcare educator then took the role of a pharmacist assistant for a clinical trial and assist in registration of drugs in a Pharmaceutical Company. Later of 2016,

I applied here at Sunrise Japan Hospital. Since then SJH has been giving me opportunities to grow and assisting me to achieve my goals.

Currently, I am working as Deputy Manager of the Pharmacy Department. Working here in SJH as a clinical pharmacist allows me to educate patient directly, teach them on how to take their medicine and at the same time I work together with the other multi disciplinary healthcare professionals in providing standard medical care.

Why do you work at Sunrise Japan Hospital?

SJH is the first private Japanese hospital which is built in Cambodia. It is proven to deliver a high caliber of medical service, especially in Neurosurgery. On that account, I was acquisitive of comparing it with European pharmacology (which is I'm accustomed to). The idea made me passionate to engage and learn the Japanese pharma standards and the Japanese healthcare system.

What do you think about Sunrise Japan Hospital?

The hospital is an enterprise of different professions, each has different roles and function but the aim is to achieve the same goal. Conflict can arise anytime; here in SJH, we apply the principle of “teamwork”, “having a good attitude” and “Be optimistic” daily.

SJH promote a harmonious working environment, where it is conducive everyone to work. As a team, we do our task responsively; we treat each other respectfully and encourage each other to provide good customer service to all of our patients. Each of the employees is given the chance to contribute to the development and improvement of the hospital service.

This manner our patient patronize our services. It is evident that the number of people coming to increase extensively. We are glad to gain the trust of the people that SJH is a reliable and standard hospital in the country.

Detail of the job and rewarding experience

It is self-rewarding whenever the management is accepting my suggestions. In our department, we tried to brainstorm ideas especially associated with improving our work. Routinely pharmacist work includes drug preparation, prescription validation and drug dispensing (both Inpatient and Outpatient).

Since the SJH also provide treatment for the patient with cancer. Chemotherapy drugs are known to be cytotoxic and preparation of the drug should be meticulously done. The pharmacist makes sure that the drugs are well prepared for the nurses to administer to the patient. Here in SJH, we utilize our resources by mean of implementing guidelines for us to be the best set. Each and everyone is given a chance to raise their ideas for the benefit of all

Ly Sita

What is your hobby?

I prefer to ride a bicycle than jogging because I always go to the nearest market by bike. I was fun and do exercise as well.

If I have free time, I would like to work as a volunteer at health organization related to medical education to community or rural area. And also, I wish I could go for charity with my friends someday.

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