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Based on the philosophy of "Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh", we introduce our staffs who are active to create better services. Please look at our corporate culture and how to work, through our staff's message.

Phou Chilong

Radiological TechnologistPhou Chilong

Career Background

During my university days (2014) at TSMC of University of Health and Science, I was given a job offer as a RadTech by Leang Heang Diagnostic Center. I took the opportunity to maximize my time in learning and to have hands-on training experience in the center for two years. Then I decided to leave my current job for my career growth and for me to gain more professional experiences. Since that day I made the decision, I could not be happier to be part of Sunrise Japan Hospital Phnom Penh.

Why choose Sunrise Japan Hospital?

As what I have mentioned above, I choose to work here in SJH for me to enhance my profession. I wanted to learn the Japanese standard and practices. I am grateful that I was shortlisted and qualified to get training in Japan. When I was doing my internship in Japan, my preceptor guided me on how to operate the machine and they taught me how to read the images ( MRI, CT, C-arm, and Angiography). Those experiences equipped in my current work. I can provide an excellent service which is beneficial to the people of Cambodia.

What do you think about Sunrise Japan Hospital?

Being the first Brain surgery specialize facility in Cambodia, Sunrise Japan Hospital follows high ethical & moral standards in delivering care. The company values to the morale of all the employees by actively involving everyone and encourage participating in contributing their ideas.

Detail of job and rewarding experience.

SJH keeps promoting and appreciating all staff who commit to working, learning and practice the new skill, and who create a new idea of improvement.

PHOU Chilong

How to spend the holiday?

I spend my holiday time with my family and find a community event for a charity trip to the province.

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