Aside from the Perks and Benefits, employees are paid according to their performance, their contribution, and their competency.

  • Salary varies among professions and positions ( Manager, Deputy Manager, Doctors, Nurse, Customer Service, and others).
  • After the probation period, trainees who aspire to be a SUNRISE JAPAN HOSPITAL member will have a performance appraisal. We encourage you to exhibit a good attitude, show your skills and share your knowledge.
  • The company created a grading system to assess staff capacity. Every six months managers, supervisors, and management will determine and deliberate if you are eligible for an increase.
  • The longer service you render to the company a bigger chance for you to receive higher wages. Since November 2016, right after the hospital starts running its service the pioneering employees average wage incremented up to 120%, by far some pioners increased by 150%.
  • Having multiple language skills is an advantage for employees due to SUNRISE JAPAN HOSPITAL not only caters to local patients but all foreign people residing or visiting Cambodia.
  • Salary, overtime pay, and night differential allowance are applicable to all employees and it is paid as mandated in the Cambodian Labor Law.

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