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OK Seanglay

In-patient Department NurseOK Seanglay

Career Background

It was January 2018, when I first began my career as a Nurse. After finishing my Nursing study in RTCKC in 2017, I immediately seek employment tried my luck and gladly I passed the interview. Now, I am a regular employee of Sunrise Japan Hospital currently working in In-Patient Department (IPD).

Why choose sunrise Japan hospital?

A close friend of mine introduce me to Sunrise Japan Hospital, she told me that the hospital is hiring and looking for nurses. I don't know Sunrise Japan Hospital so I checked their website and Facebook Page. Upon reading the information and browsing the pictures, I found it interesting because the facility looks standards and the advertisement seems to be promising.

It is a dream of mine to work in a standard hospital and a good training ground to develop me as a young professional. I have these ideas of working with Japanese or other Nationalities will help me gain knowledge and experience especially in the hospital setting.

Sunrise Japan Hospital is focused on developing their human resources, then I thought it will a plus point for me if I get the job.

What do you think about sunrise Japan Hospital?

In my first month, I was so surprised about the workings flow, new equipment, the way we care for our patients. It was quite different from the other. But during training I have Khmer mentors, Japanese, Philippines staff who instructed, guided, encourage me. The hospital also focuses on knowledge improvement we have lectured every week from senior nurse and Doctors. They also have insurance, annual health checks up for staff and a special discount for family.

Describe the job and rewarding experience

When patients discharged home with a smile and say thank you to us, It is the reward for health care providers. We got this every time our patients discharged. One more thing, is increasing of the bed. The hospital has evaluation every 6 month so we can know how we much better we are.

What is your hobby?

Sometimes I work on weekends and on holiday. But I got enough days off base on the rules of the Ministry of Labour and Vocation Training. Mostly I spend time with my family or go shopping.

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